Noticias semanales

Empiezo a recibir notas de prensa del extranjero, y aunque sé que tengo muchos lectores fuera de España, me alaga ver que firmas de otros países se fijan en mi blog para dar a conocer sus productos. En esta ocasión se trata de paneles de madera iluminados que Nikolett Stutus me presenta desde Hungría con un mail que comienza así:

«Hello, My name is Nikolett Sutus, I am from Hungary and I work for Jagorta Innováció Kft. which sells the new innovation: the light transmitting veneered panels.

Let me tell you we really like your blog! I wish I understood the language tho but the designs are beautiful! I thought I should recommend you our product for further studies, since it would fit perfectly in your profile. I don’t want to talk much here, as I am sure a long introduction would be boring at first. But please, let me say a few words about us. Our company was established only a few years ago, when two very talented carpenters invented this new technology that resulted in this new, exciting and a wonderful product….»

Os dejo con esta nueva firma y muchas más noticias. ¡Feliz fin de semana!


Light Transmitting Veneered Panels


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